Camp 7, July 23 – 27, Beginner I

Class Price: $250.00

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Ages 7 – 17
Camps 1 – 8 will have Beginner Sailing I
Monday – Friday, 9am – 4pm
Cost:  $250
(Optional Shuttle Service has been cancelled due to very low participation) 

Never too young to sail! This program is designed to help young children become more comfortable around the water and on boats. Young students will participate in the basic learning activities and games with a focus on building confidence, safety, and fun.

The older students will learn safety skills such as righting a capsized boat, as well as basic nomenclature and rigging/derigging skills. The students will learn how to safely leave and return to the beach and will be able to sail more confidently. The basics of tacking, jibing, and docking/beaching will be covered.

General water safety rules, Equipment maintenance, Capsize drill, Knowledge of wind direction, Sailing Position, Knot tying (eight, square, bowline), Knowledge of boat parts, Rigging, De-rigging, Reaching, Safety position, Tacking, Jibing, Beach landing, Basic sail trim, Upwind/Downwind Sail Trim, Points of Sail, Hiking Tiller, and Getting out of Irons.

What To Bring


Please label all equipment and clothing with the sailor’s First and Last name in large block letters (Names should be on the back of Life Jackets). ECSA is not responsible for lost items. Sailors are solely responsible for keeping track of the personal equipment they bring and use.

–         Coast Guard Approved Life Jacket and whistle

–         Appropriate Shoes (closed-toe shoes: soft/boat/water shoes) must be worn at all times.  Flip-flops or open toe shoes are NOT ALLOWED per US Sailing)

–         ECSA Water Bottle – refillable (included with the class)

–         Sun screen, lip block, hat, sunglasses

–         Extra clothes, towel, bathing suit

–         Rain gear, if weather suggests

–         Lunch from home

Cool drinks and snacks will be served during the session, but the water bottle may be handy when you are out on the water.   Parents are welcome to stay and watch.  In case of emergency, you can reach us at Fort Walton Yacht Club 850-243-7102.

Camp Policies

Summer sailing camp instructors will be on premises to receive sailors at 8:45 am every morning. Since ECSA instructors will not be on premises prior to that time, sailors cannot be dropped-off early. While at ECSA, sailors must always remain under the supervision of either an instructor or responsible adult. To complete drop-off, sailors should be accompanied to the Junior Room. There, an instructor will be waiting with a clipboard and pen. Every camper must be signed into camp by the adult dropping him/her off.  Sailors should be dropped off by 9:00am.

By 03:30 pm, sailors will be available for pick-up.  ECSA instructor may require provision of a valid form of government-issued photo identification to verify the identity of any picking-up adult.

Under no circumstances will ECSA instructor release a camper to any individual not previously identified in the camper’s corresponding Pick-up Form. Should your camper ever require pick-up with an unlisted adult, please be sure to preemptively amend or supplement the Pick-Up form on-file for your child.  Please notify the Sailing Director if you plan on picking your child up before 3:30 pm.

Instructors will provide pick-up supervision until 4:00 pm.  Sailors must be picked-up by that time. If, under extenuating circumstances, you cannot arrange pick-up prior, ECSA will provide continuing supervision of your child. ECSA reserves the right to charge fees for late supervision of up to $50.00/hour, including a full $50.00 for any fraction of the first hour.



Below please find a list of important camp protocols, in effect to ensure safety during all camp activities:

1)     Proper close-toe footwear must be worn at all times.
2)     Life-jackets must be worn by sailors anytime they are on the water or around the FWYC docks / beach.
3)     Sailors must remain under instructor supervision whenever they are on premises. Sailors are not to venture into the Main Clubhouse, parking lot, dry dock, or otherwise outside of instructor supervision.
4)     Sailors must be closely accompanied by instructors whenever they are on the Docks or near the water. No unsupervised swimming is allowed.
5)     NO HEAD-FIRST DIVING!  Since depth varies with tide, and since it is sometimes difficult to see the Bay bottom, head-first diving is prohibited at all times during camp.
6)     Running is prohibited on and around the docks and parking lot.
7)     Horseplay is prohibited on  and around the docks and beach.
8)     Sailors must report any equipment breakdowns to their supervising Instructor.
Such breakdowns may arise from time to time due to regular wear and tear.
9)     Sailors must report to their instructor any & all injuries or illnesses that may arise over the course of the session.
10)   Sailors must be comfortable in and around the water and be able to swim unaided and tread water.  A swimming check out will be given on the first day of class.
11)   Sailors will first be taught, but then must demonstrate the ability to independently right a capsized boat if they wish to sail independently.
12)   While sailing, sailors must always stay near their instructor and the other sailboats in their group.
13)   Sailors shall not operate or manipulate boat hoists or be near them.
14)   Sailors shall treat fellow sailors, parents, instructors, and all ECSA/FWYC staff and members with respect, courtesy, care and consideration.
15)   Sailors shall treat the facilities and premises of ECSA & FWYC with respect and care. This includes:

  1. a) prohibition against the deliberate mistreatment/reckless destruction of property
    b)  the responsibility  to avoid  creating  hazards, messes, and other damage by  negligence
    c)  the responsibility  to track-down and dispose  of  any and all trash  created either by  him/herself or other negligent sailors
    d)  the responsibility to return all used equipment to the location, and in the condition and configuration in which it was originally found.

16)   ECSA strongly discourages sailors bringing any type of valuables or electronics (including cell-phones, iPad, iPod), or any form of currency to camp. ECSA will not be responsible for the loss or destruction of such items.


For the safety of all sailors, and to avoid all types of unnecessary difficulties, it is very important that sailors understand and continue to respect the above ECSA Summer Sailing Camp policies.  Please discuss them with your child. This list of policies is not intended to be exhaustive. Instructors may advise sailors of other important policies from time to time.



ECSA reserves the right, in the exclusive discretion of ECSA Management, to dismiss any sailor who repeatedly interferes with the welfare/safety of others and/or the success of the program. Dismissal from camp results in a complete forfeiture of session fees.  ECSA policies ensure the safety and comfort of all sailors, optimizing their learning and protecting both ECSA, FWYC and sailor property. Above all, ECSA wants sailors to be safe and have fun.



The safety of our sailors is of paramount importance to ECSA.  ECSA has a ZERO TOLERANCE for abuse and misconduct. This includes not only on-water safety, but also safety ashore in any part of ECSA’s programs. ECSA is committed to creating safe and fun environment for all of our athletes, youth and adults.  Everyone has a role to play in creating a healthy setting in our sport of sailing, so help to raise awareness about misconduct in sport, promote open dialogue, and provide training and resources for our individual members, member organizations, athletes, coaches, parents, and volunteers. Please read The US Sailing SafeSport Handbook which is intended to inform and provide guidance to our sailing constituents about SafeSport policies to protect our sailors from all types of misconduct and abuse.  In addition, we have Codes of Conduct applicable to Staff, Instructors, sailors, parents and spectators.

Shuttle Service

Mary Esther – Santa Rosa Mall Parking Lot, next to Starbucks
(X marks the spot)
– 300 Mary Esther Blvd, Mary Esther, FL 32569

ECSA has introduced a new shuttle service for children with working parents.  This service will be provided by a local, family-owned business called “The 5 Ride of Destin”.  Tom Gorman and his 2 sons are the drivers of 3 large 14 passenger vans.  The dispatcher is the mom, who helps keep everything organized.  They have been in business for over 7 years and specialize in weddings, airport transportation, conventions, bachelor/ette parties, large groups, church groups and more.  Their mission is to provide safe and affordable transportation to groups of 5 or more.  They have clean, well-maintained vehicles and provide a warm and friendly service.

Shuttle Service provided by The 5 Ride of Destin
Phone: 850-424-7442

Shuttle Service Schedule for Mary Esther.  Monday – Friday (10 rides)
Camp 7  Mary Ester       Cost: $85           (Pick up 8:30am/ Drop off 5:30pm at Santa Rosa Mall parking lot, next to Starbucks)

****Transportation Shuttle service is a 3rd party vendor and ECSA is not responsible for any liability, items or other loss or injury associated with the use of of the 3rd party transportation vendor.*****